What We Pay

  • Pricing shown below reflects current rates for OEM LCDs only—aftermarket screens will have much less value.
  • We payout the most for screens with fully-functioning LCDs. Each screen you send in is tested and graded based only on the condition of the LCD. If there are any LCD defects (dead pixels, bright spots, pressure damage, and/or color issues), you will get 50-90% off the value of a good LCD depending on the issue. Our full price list linked below shows the value for these other conditions.  
  • Pricing fluctuates and is subject to change after you submit your form, but your pricing is locked in on submission. You must ship your buybacks to us within one week of receiving the label from us (or for international customers, when you are emailed the approval to send them to us). If they are shipped later than that we reserve the right to change the payout price based on current market prices.