iFixit offers LCD buyback for your broken glass/LCD screens. We make it easy—and offer competitive prices for your broken screens. Take those broken screens and turn 'em into cash! We also offer credit for some Mac displays.

Any buyback related questions can be sent to 

A Few Things:

  • Non-US customers will be paid via store credit.
  • Non-US customers are responsible for shipping fees to/from iFixit.
  • You must ship at least 50 screens at once to participate. No exceptions.
  • If you disagree with anything in our report/payout amount, we'll just ship everything back to you free of charge (US Only)—we aren't interested in haggling or arguing. When you get the final report from us, just make sure to reply within 24 hours that you'd like your screens back. We ship ALL screens back in that case and not just the ones marked as bad. We don't ship only the bad ones back in any cases. 
  • Devices eligible for LCD buyback—and current pricing for screens that have an OEM LCD:

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If you have any questions about the process or need an update on your specific buyback lot, please email