When we visited Tech Liminal, an Oakland technology project space, after attending MacWorld | iWorld in January, some Fixit Clinic folks there let us dig around in their tool kits.

Steve Berl's bag has two important repair staples—WD-40 for things that don't move when they should, and duct tape for things that move when they shouldn't. He's carrying some iFixit gear, too: a 54-bit driver kit and helping hands. The FasTrak toll tag and Maker Faire badge add a dash of Bay Area local flavor.

Rich Jesch's bag also has a multimeter and a 54-bit driver kit. And its wide array of screwdrivers, wrenches, ratchets, wire cutters, scissors, calipers, measuring tape, and vise grips would rival a hardware supply store. Is that an infrared thermometer at the bottom left?

Jeff Williams' bag keeps him prepared for almost any variety of electrical emergency. Besides the multimeter, there's not just one but two soldering guns, a glue gun, and five different colors of electrical tape. I like the toilet paper and lollipop, too—it's always good to be prepared for runny noses and nosy children.

So what's in your tool bag? Share a picture with us in the comments!