Sometimes, we get really cool stuff in our mailbox, like fancy tools and new gadgets—but this one trumps them all. Last week, CEO Kyle Wiens, CXO Luke Soules, and guide-writer extraordinaire Andrew Goldberg got a letter from Mrs. Goldstein's kindergarten class. These industrious little tykes have been exploring the ins-and-outs of electronics and household appliances in their classroom workshop.

"We're your biggest fans," they wrote. Well, Mrs. Goldstein's class, we're your biggest fans. By learning about what's inside all the electronics that make our big world go 'round, you're also learning about science, engineering, and repair. And, we're willing to bet, when you grow up, you'll use that knowledge to make the world a better place for us all.

We sent some tools and repair guides your way to help you put all that stuff back together again. Keep on doing what you're doing, kiddos. You're awesome.