We cracked open some iPad Airs to get you some high-quality internal shots. Now you can: pretend you have X-ray vision, confuse friends and relatives, see inside your tablet while using it. 2015 is days away, and the future is now—thanks to your friends at iFixit. Happy holidays! This wallpaper is cropped to show what would be directly under your iPad Air’s LCD, if said-LCD were invisible:

Above are the “to-scale” images of the iPad internals. Below are the same images with a little extra thrown in. The bezel hides some cool components, so if you like more bang for your buck, and don’t care about actual scale, we have you covered, too:

These beautiful wallpapers are two for the low, low price of free! To snag these sweet images, visit this post on your iPad, click the image below to view the high-res wallpaper, and save it to your photos. We’ll also tweet the link to this post, if twitter is more your speed and you don’t want to type that long URL. Then simply set the image as your wallpaper. For iPads with the parallax effect enabled, some default scaling shenanigans will chop off the image's edges; you may have to pinch to zoom out. (Pro Tip: disable the parallax effect with Settings>General>Accessibility>Reduce Motion>On)