Sometimes when we take apart fun devices, we also release what we like to call “X-ray internals”—just for funsies. Set as the wallpaper, the X-ray internals give you a view straight through to the high-powered heart of your phone, tablet, or computer. There’s one problem, of course: our X-ray internals aren’t actually X-rays. They’re just regular (albeit cool) photos of the internals, because we didn’t have access to a portable X-ray machine. Until now.

Our friends at Creative Electron let us pop the new OnePlus 2 into their X-ray machine and take a look-see at its insides during our last teardown. So, we turned those X-ray images into a new wallpaper for the OnePlus 2.

Click on the picture and follow the link to a downloadable, high-res version of the image. Set it as your wallpaper, and voilà! Now your OnePlus 2 has X-ray vision.