In this week’s episode of “Our Community Is Cool as Hell,” check out the timelapse video that iFixit member Bexoro (aka Ben Orozco) made of his MacBook Pro repair. Ben accidentally bashed up the retina display of his MBP when it tumbled off a chair, turning the screen kaleidoscopic.

There was the initial shock of some garbled pixel lines on the screen, but it only seemed to go downhill from there as the rest of the screen slowly disintegrated to a pink and then finally a black,” wrote Ben. “School was about to start again in fall and I knew it was time to replace the screen now or have to suffer through a semester without it.”

And replace the screen he did. Cue that beautiful repair footage!

Cool stuff, huh? If only disassembling and reassembling a MBP took 2 minutes in real life —you know, without all the fancy editing.

Check out Ben’s full repair story here.