iFixit offers LCD buyback for your broken glass/LCD screens. We make the entire process easy and reliable while offering competitive pricing on a wide range of LCDs. We also offer some logic boards.

Any buyback related questions can be sent to 

Our Promise:

We will provide clear updates at every stage of the process, get you paid on time, in whichever way is most convenient to you, and be transparent about the value of your lot. We will continue to expand and accept more devices and maximize your return per display.

What makes us unique?

We want to build a foundation of trust, and partner with you to make the buy back process better for your cash flow. If you work with us on multiple buy back lots, we can offer you payment for your screens at the time you ship them to us without waiting for testing results.


How it works

  • Fill out the Buyback Request form found at the bottom of the page.

  • We will email you with a pre-paid label to send your displays back to us.

  • You package your displays, and send them to us within a month of your acceptance.

  • Once we receive the displays, we will test them to determine their value.

  • We will send you a full report detailing the quality of the displays, and show you how much they are worth. You may choose to accept or reject the payout amount if you don't agree with it.

  • Once accepted, we will pay you in whichever method you specified on the request form. If you reject the payout for whatever reason, we will send your lot back to you.

At any point, you can contact us directly at to check the progress of your lot or to clarify any issues you run into.

We are currently not accepting buy back submissions due to Chinese New Year. If you have sent in an approved lot, we'll contact you shortly with an update.