We're on a Mission

Every month, more than 12,000,000 people use iFixit. They ask questions in our Q&A forum, they use our free repair guides to fix their stuff, they browse our store for the latest parts and tools. We do everything we can to make repair easy and accessible—and that means connecting people to their local repair shops when a DIY repair seems out of reach. Replacing a battery in an iPhone 4 is easy—replacing a battery in an iPad Air is something else entirely.

Be Found on

There are two ways new customers will find your business on iFixit: Your Team Page and Lead Generation.


A Team Page is your business' profile on iFixit. It features your Reputation earned on iFixit—and the Answers and Guides that have earned you that reputation. Furthermore, it gives all the business basics: what devices you fix, where you're located, and how to get in touch. We'll even let you integrate your booking app (RepairShopr or to let users sign up for a time slot to get their device serviced. 

Any time a user sees your guides or answers, they have the opportunity to learn more about you and your business. 


Lead generation:

A business profile on iFixit is great—but you're probably wondering how you can offer your repair services to locals. Our lead generation banners do exactly that.

Your Team Page already tells us what you fix, where you are, and how to get in touch—so our lead generation program takes that information and presents a "Hire a Pro" banner to locals looking up repair information on devices your business fixes. Clicking the banner takes them to your Team Page where they can call or make an appointment with your repair shop. 

It's a beautiful thing—we're keeping our DIY community happy by giving them a professional option, we're keeping our Pro community happy by bringing them business, and we're getting more devices fixed every day. We're on a mission—and helping your business get more repair jobs is just one part of making that mission accomplished.


How can you participate? 

When you signed up for iFixit Pro, you created a your Team Page. Head over to to swag out your Team Page.

Earning entry into Lead Generation is more involved. We're committed to our DIY customers—and we don't want to send them to just anyone who can turn a screwdriver.

iFixit assembled a team of specialists to build the iFixit MasterTech Certification, the industry's first technical certification for smartphone repair. Our specialists spent a year interviewing countless technicians and repair business owners to develop a standard for our industry—and to build a comprehensive exam where you can prove your repair expertise and business acumen. Once iFixit MasterTech Certified, you've earned participation in Lead Generation.


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