The Fine Print

  • Non-Continental US customers will be paid via store credit to or via PayPal.

  • Non-ContinentalUS customers are responsible for shipping fees to/from iFixit.

  • You must ship at least 50 screens at once to participate. No exceptions.

  • Payouts given through store credit will have an extra 5% of the lot value added, and PayPal payouts will be subject to PayPal's normal transaction fees which are usually around 3%. Those fees are deducted by PayPal when the money sent to you.

  • If you disagree with anything in our report/payout amount, we will ship everything back to you free of charge (US Only). When you get the final report from us, please reply within 24 hours that you'd like your screens back. We ship ALL screens back; not just the ones in a certain quality category.

Advanced Payouts

We want to reward your hard work and loyalty to our program. After your third successful lot with us, we will pay you for your displays the moment we get your shipping confirmation. We use your previous results to estimate the quality of your displays, and pay you 90% of the expected value right off the bat. Once we receive them, they will be tested as usual and we will pay you the remainder once the numbers are in. If the value is less than your payment, we'll just take that away from the next payout you make with us.