California Retailer Info

Under Prop 65, businesses (including manufacturers, distributors and retail sellers) selling to customers in California are required to give a “clear and reasonable warning” for products containing chemicals on the Prop 65 list. Amended Prop 65 regulations took effect on August 30, 2018, and we have taken steps to ensure compliance with the new Prop 65 safe harbor warning requirements. As one of our resellers, it is also important that you comply with these new Prop 65 regulations.

What you need to do: Under certain circumstances, there are other requirements that must be met, in addition to the warnings labels. Specifically: 

Retail sellers must provide a product-specific “point of display” Prop 65 warning for all products sold as “loose” goods or goods or sold without their original packaging/labels. This requirement applies to all goods that are sold by us in bulk or without individual packaging (even though we may put a label on the bulk packaging container). 

Internet sellers must provide product-specific Prop 65 warnings on their websites, on the product display page or elsewhere prior to the completion of the purchase, for all products for which a Prop 65 warning is required.

If you have additional questions or concerns please reach out to our resellers support team at